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With REVS Check Register, you get a fast, affordable, and efficient way to generate a vehicle history check online. All you need is the VIN Number or the Rego Number, and your used car check report will be in your email almost instantly.

  • You get an official government PPSR Certificate with your report
  • Must-have vehicle finance check, car write-off check, & stolen vehicle check included
  • The best report for a full car history without the heavy price tag
  • FREE finance updates for 14-days post order

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Which Check Do You Need the Most?

(Don't worry. All are included)

Stolen Car Check

Was the vehicle reported stolen? Find out before you agree to buy.

Car Finance Check

Does the owner have a loan on the car? Find out before it's repossessed.

Car Write-Off Check

Was the car in an accident and written-off? We have those details too.

Registration Check

Do the registration details match the documentation? We'll let you know.

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There are a lot of reasons to choose REVS Check Register

Whether this is your first time buying a used car or you're a seasoned car dealer who buys, trades, and sells every day, we can help. You'll get everything you need here to make an informed decision about whether to buy that used car you have been eyeing.

REVS Check Register gives you quick and easy access to a detailed report generated from official government sources. The authenticity of the information is maintained by the Australian government and supported by an official PPSR Certificate that comes with each report.

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Why Choose REVS Check Register?

We are Australia's Trusted Source for Vehicle History Checks and your affordable REVs Check Report and PPSR Certificate provider. So, if you want a stolen vehicle check, car finance check, and car history check, then you are in the right place.

Affordable reports

The cost of our Revs check reports is only $9.90. That means you can run your report request as often as you'd like as you search for that perfect second-hand car.

Detailed Reports

Our reports cover all the essential areas that support a car buying decision. From vehicle and registration details, to written-off records, encumbrance history, theft record, and Takata airbag info, we provide a comprehensive set of information to you.

Verifiable information

Most car history reports promise a lot of things that are based on their best guess. Unlike those platforms, we provide only factual information verified by the Australian government databases.

How REVS Check Register Works

To get your report, REVS Check Register runs an automatic check of various Australian national registers and databases. Our platform then pulls down the information and summarises it in a simple to understand report.

This generally takes less than 2 minutes to complete. After the report is generated, it is then sent to your email. And all you need to do is follow this simple 3-step process to get your report.

Enter VIN/Rego Number

There are 2 ways to search. Input the 17-character alpha-numeric vehicle identification number (VIN) into the search bar. Or enter the registration number.

Place Your Order

Enjoy secure payment processing when you use the REVS Check Register. Simply enter your payment details to process your car report request safely and quickly.

Access Your Report

Now check your email. The report will be submitted to the email address you gave us during payment. So, make sure that the email address is accurate.

Get ready to buy your next car

Whether you are buying from a private seller or getting ready to drive off a lot, you are almost ready for that final major decision.

Your favourite car check platform will provide you with the info necessary to know if you're going to drive off with that car or leave the trouble behind. And even better is that you can access car history reports for most cars registered in a state in Australia.

Stolen Car Check

Worried about receiving stolen property? You should be. Not doing your due diligence can land you in hot water. But the good thing is that REVS Check Register can access stolen vehicle reports from across all states. Check if the car is stolen so, you won't be blindsided with a bad deal from another state. Get a check starting at $9.90.

Car Finance Check

Should you worry about your new car being repossessed? If you do not run a REVS check, then you should be. If the car owner has a loan and it's not paid, that nice second-hand car you bought can be repossessed by the financial institution. So, for your peace of mind - get a car history report with vehicle finance check and know what the PPSR has recorded on the vehicle.

Car Write-Off Check

Did you buy a lemon? Damages can be fixed. But they can rear their ugly head and cost you more in mechanic costs. Know what you're getting yourself into by finding out all the official write-off details on the vehicle before they become your problem.

Registration Check

Will you get pulled over with an expired registration? It is illegal to drive with an expired registration. You could be fined. So, before you drive off with that car, find out the registration status. Get the registration expiry date, whether it's suspended or cancelled, and the Compulsory Third Party insurer info.

Takata Airbag Recall

Does the vehicle have a defective airbag? Millions of vehicles are under recall because of airbag defects. Long-term exposure to humidity and heat could potentially lead them to explode if they are deployed. This could lead to serious injuries and even death. Find out if the vehicle you're looking to buy is under recall and determine whether it's been fixed yet.

Vehicle Details

Do the car details match the documents? The VIN number carries important details like the vehicle type, body type, and colour. The VIN number should match the vehicle you're looking at and the vehicle documents. Otherwise, it may be a sign of a stolen vehicle being offloaded with stolen vehicle details.

A platform designed for anyone buying a used car

We know that a good deal can present itself at any time. You need quick access to factual data to help you make a decision. With REVS Check Register, we make accessing a car history report a breeze.


Our simple to use platform is designed to quickly generate and email your report.


Payment processing is done using a secure online platform that protects your details.


We provide official PPSR and NEVDIS information in all our Revs check reports.

The official and fast revs check report for all

We believe that the simplest platforms with the easiest to use tools will help anyone be able to access a report. That's why REVS Check Register will take you from query to report fast. Plus, our affordable price gives you more value for money, especially since free REVS check is not an option.

We want you to be able to make your car buying decisions with the best possible information at hand. And make it easy for you to understand. So, in addition to the PPSR certificate, you also get our detailed yet super easy-to-read car history report.

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Who needs a REVS Check Report?

New used car buyers

If this is your first time buying a used car, it's a good idea to get as much information as possible about the vehicle. You can check it out yourself and even have a mechanic look at it - something we also recommend. But you need the finer details that can only come from a rev check report.

Persons buying from a private seller

Not all private sellers are entirely truthful during a sale. The fact is, they want to be able to sell the vehicle for as much as possible. But the value you think it has may be very different on paper when you look at the vehicle history report. Or you might find that it is an absolute steal at the price.

Persons selling a car

It is always a good idea to see what your prospective buyer will find online about your vehicle. That way, you can determine what talking points you need to best sell your vehicle for the price you'd like.

Used car dealers

As a second-hand car dealer, you will often buy and trade vehicles from customers. A car history report ensures you can get value for money when next you negotiate a fair price for a trade-in. Or you can offer online car history checks as part of your service to close more car sales.


Answers to Our Commonly Asked Questions

What is revs check?

Previously, REVS check was the results of searching the state-based Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS) database, or the Vehicle Security Registers (VSR). It was also free.

Today, REVS check is a paid search of a combination of national registers and databases that transcend state borders. Instead of going through state by state registers, you can now do one search online that finds any information on a used vehicle throughout Australia. Two of the primary databases from which information for a REVS check report is collated is the PPSR and the NEVDIS databases.

What does a revs check tell you?

The REVS check report covers a lot of data that should inform your decision about buying a vehicle or not. This information includes:

Outstanding finance: People will still attempt to sell a car with finance owing. This check analyses the PPR database to see if a registered interest was declared on the vehicle. If it were, you'd get a notification in your report as well as a few details about the financial institution/person.

Stolen data: This is a review of the police database to verify that the vehicle wasn't reported as stolen.

Written-off information: Find out if the vehicle was ever written up for an incident. Codes will range from D - Dismantled; F - Fire; H - Hail; I - Impact; M - Malicious/Vandalism/Stripped (intentional damage); and finally, W - Water damage. You can learn more about the vehicle write-off codes here. Or you can see it in action in our sample PPSR report.

Vehicle & Registration details: The report covers basic information that, if not consistent across the report and the vehicle documents you are presented with, could spell trouble. Make sure all details match on the registration papers and the vehicle. These include the Chassis number, aka VIN, the engine number, and the registration details.

Where do you get the information for your car history reports?

All data for the reports are pulled from official government sources. These include the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) and the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

NEVDIS is a platform that exchanges vehicle and driver information across state borders. This platform helps us determine if a used car is reported stolen or has any write-off issues.

The PPSR database captures encumbered vehicle information. This is where we can tell if someone has a lien against the vehicle that they are trying to sell.

Is a REVs Check Worth it?

It certainly is. Because too many checks reveal something about a vehicle that you as the potential buyer did not know about.

It's about protecting you from making a bad decision and buying a second-hand vehicle that will cost you more in the long run.

If you buy a lemon, you'll end up spending thousands on repairs. If there's finance owing, you may end up losing the vehicle when the finance company comes to repossess it.

So, is it worth the risk? $9.90 or a major financial mistake? You decide.

How do I request a car history check?

The car history check by VIN or registration (rego) number is a simple and quick process that gets you your report in minutes. Simple add the VIN/Rego to the form and click submit. Input your payment details, which email address you want the report delivered to, and that's it. The report will be in your inbox shortly.

Ready to get a car history check?

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